E N G L I S H SOCIAL M E E T U P-multicultural gathering

International meet up- English Conversation 12th May17

Meetup international with my sis 30 june17Meet up 30/06/17 with my sis

international, multilingual, English, conversation, Meet up,
international, multilingual, English, conversation, Meet up,
28thApril English International Meet up
28thApril English International Meet up
English Meet up 22th October
English Meet up 22th October

Meet up 18 november 2016       https://www.meetup.com/Language-Cafe-FrenchGroupMK/meet-up-photo-group



1st Italian meet up and English Conversation meet upHello everyone is welcome to the group for a fun and social English Conversation Meet up.                                                                                                  Do you need help with the English language/culture? Come along to practise your English in a friendly environment.

Have fun, meet new friends, and practise your English in the MK International Language Cafe:                                                  http://www.meetup.com/Language-Cafe-FrenchGroupMK/

Please note that all levels are welcome. Everyone is expected to help and support each other too.

15 thoughts on “E N G L I S H SOCIAL M E E T U P-multicultural gathering”

  1. FEEDBACK RECEIVED from the 10th June 2016 Meet up: “What a fabulous place to be spending some time in good company whilst practicing your favourite language. Really thrilled to have found this group. Thank you Marie!!”

  2. 16 dec 2016 , English Conversation International Meet up:Silvar Ribeiro said :”Yes Marie Da Silva, very good time with Andrés Muñoz, Edina Crnkic, Sônia Pinto and others friends. Really nice.”

  3. 6th January 2017, Glen commented: “Bloomin’ good as ever – Marie Il Capo is key. Everytime I go I meet new people alongside other people I have met before. People keep coming back. Marie – where’s your book. We need to treasure these moments!”

  4. Feedback on the 24th February International – English gathering
    on the 24th February 2017, Colin said : “Big group, lots to talk about, great evening.”

  5. Wioletta Molus with Maria Giangiulio and Marie Da Silva, 28th April 2017:
    English Conversation – multicultural gathering. Fabulous evening 🙂 Looking forward to next Friday.

  6. Such a great #international # community #miltonkeynes #language #Café
    Join the fun every Friday at #lingomix #international #language #Café https://t.co/PZfOcdluDg
    #English, #French, #Irish, #Spanish, #Italian, #Greek, #Polish, #German, #Polish, #Brasilian.ALL IN #MILTONKEYNES #LANGUAGE #CAFÉ #LINGOMIX https://t.co/pqxN1kZq9X

  7. Silvar Ribeiro , 28th July 2017, at the Navigation Inn: “As big and amazing surprise, we received from friends tonight, at the monthly international dinner, this marvellous gift. Everybody has signed a big flag, with memories of our time together, during this year in UK. It gave us unforgettable feelings of all of you. Thank you very much. We already miss you.”

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