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“Délicieuse et surprenante langue française…

Pourquoi parle-t-on des quatre coins de la Terre, alors qu’elle est ronde ?                                                                                                                              Quand un homme se meurt, on dit qu’il s’éteint; Quand il est mort, on l’appelle « feu » ?!                                                                                           Pourquoi appelle-t-on « coup de grâce » le coup qui tue ?           Pourquoi dit-on d’un pauvre malheureux, ruiné et qui n’a même plus un lit dans lequel se coucher, qu’il est dans de beaux draps ?        On passe souvent des nuits blanches quand on a des idées noires.                                                                                                              

Marie, your organizer
A bientot
See you soon


  1. Hi. I’ve just joined the meetup group. I’m trying to learn Italian from an app (!) but think I need to speak it. Do you think the Italian group would be good? I feel like I might be out of my depth! Sabina

  2. Students and adults- Private or companies In need of French lessons Learn / Practise #French with a #French native speaker is the best For beginners/ Intermediate/ Improvers, Conversation…. Do not hesitate to contact me …….. BUSINESS FRENCH – PRIVATE TUITIONS 1 to 1 £35 per hour – GROUP LESSONS up to 5 students £50 per hour up to 10 students £60 per hour

  3. Marie is an absolute connector. She has a unique ability to connect people from all walks of life and makes all members feel welcome. She is a fantastic communicator and organiser. If you would like to experience what it means to truly connect, join Lingo Mix and feel it yourself.

  4. Arriving in Milton Keynes in 2016, I found by Internet this group and joined to meet people. Since there I’ve been connected with that ones, many of them became my friends. After come home in Brazil I’m still in touch with Lingo Mix People and I hope to be back and see all of them as soon as possible. If you are in Milton Keynes and looking for amazing people join Lingo Mix!!!!

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