Celebrations during Covid-19 and Bastille Day

So many celebrations cancelled, or not the same representations this year during the Covid-19 situation.

I will miss especially our 14th July celebrations in France during Bastille Day, in French: Le Quatorze Juillet

I took this photo in 2017 in South of France, St Raphaël , where I was waiting for the military parade in the streets , with so many French flags around, parties, fireworks.

Mon 14 juillet 2017 en France

In France, if you talk about Bastille Day, “le jour de la Bastille”, people would not understand what you mean.
In France, we never speak of “Bastille Day”. The French will say “la fête nationale” (national day) or “le quatorze juillet” (July 14th).


More information about Bastille Day if you want:

What traditional celebrations are you going to miss this year?

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Please share all the traditional celebrations you will miss this year.

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Bastille Day

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