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20160508_161033Hello! Bonjour! My name is  Marie Da Silva, the founder of Lingo Mix, where our aim is to gather and mix people with their favourite spoken languages  in the  INTERNATIONAL language café in Milton Keynes.

I have created an International Language Cafe in Milton Keynes to mix people and languages, where we can meet people from all over the world, discover each other’s cultures and your own too….Life is amazing when you expand your horizons travelling, meeting new people, learn from each other.

Interested in language lessons in MK ( individual / Group / Business)? Please contact me for more details:  marieitmm@gmail.com


From April 2020



Always wanted to learn a language and never had the chance? Interested in lessons of English as a Foreign Language? Want to learn, improve, practice your English/ French/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ German/ Mandarin/ Polish with native, fluent teachers? At my language school Lingo Mix , we can offer online lessons for children or adults, beginners, GCSE, A levels, business lessons, conversation, holiday specific classes or just for fun! Fed up of home schooling? AND EVEN TRANSLATION SERVICES ARE COVERED.

Book an hour with us.

Any questions feel free to contact me via email : marieitmm@gmail.com


One of the popular International Gathering

Video from my weekly International gathering  on the 25th August 2017 to say Hello to Brazil to our friends Sonia and Silvar who just left moving back to their hometown after 1 year spent in MK

Click here to the Events page EVENTS PAGE, for details of regular events and our International Food Evening (10th February 2018) – IFE) which will be  repeated!   


All language lovers of all nationalities welcome.                                             Mix people and languages: The best way to learn a language is to practise practise practise together and meet up with friends as often as you can in a friendly social environment and this is what we offer at Lingo Mix.                                                                                                                                                                      At Lingo Mix we want to engage the community and gather together people of of all ages from different nationalities, backgrounds and cultures over a cup of coffee to socialise and meet new friends.  At the same time offering the possibility to practise or improve your language skills in a fun, sociable and friendly environment.

Lingo Mix events: Come and practise your foreign language skills (English, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.) with other internationally connected people!! And our monthly DuoLingo events as I am the global ambassador for DuoLingo Events in Milton Keynes.

REGULAR meet ups for all language lovers:
ADDITIONAL language Group workshops FOR ADULTS AND KIDS(French, Spanish, Italian)are planned for a fun way of learning languages with different activities and games  ( See  Calendar).

We have even a SOCIAL ENGLISH CONVERSATION MEET UP for those who need help with the English language/culture.
Come along to PRACTISE your English, have fun and MEET FRIENDS in the MK Language Café, in an enjoyable international company.


A social place to meet native language speakers/language lovers

Make International friends, learn about different cultures, and practise your language skills.                                           

We would welcome Tutors, Teachers, volunteers, to assist the team and collaborate to this superb initiative.


Any ideas, all suggestions are welcomed.                              INTERESTED IN  ASSISTING AT LANGUAGE WORKSHOPS/ teaching, collaborating with us?    Join the team and get in touch with me.


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4 thoughts on “W E L C O M E”

  1. Marie is an amazing teacher and a lovely person, I have attended a few lingo mix French events and they were all fantastic!

  2. I have known Marie – and she ran a French class which I attended on a weekly basis. I was very pleased with the progress I made under her tuition. Her classes were interesting, using a variety of resources and differing teaching strategies. She regularly prepared worksheets for us, used textbooks, reading books (I especially enjoyed her use of the Petit Nicolas stories to develop our prononciation and translation skills), films, French pop songs, newspaper articles and games. Indeed she began a regular French language Scrabble evening in addition to her classes. We received regular and valuable feedback on both our class and homework. She regularly went above and beyond what we could have reasonably expected. Since my retirement from teaching, I have become a presenter of a programme on a local community radio station.(Secklow 105.5FM – Platform MK). Marie has been a guest on my programme to talk about learning French and languages generally. She has been active generally in setting up groups to encourage speakers of different languages to meet and talk within Milton Keynes.

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