1st Video Spanish and Italian workshops in Milton Keynes at Lingo Mix - Join the fun at International Language Café MK-8th June 2017:

– MIX PEOPLE AND LANGUAGES : Multi cultural events
– MIX PEOPLE AND LANGUAGES : Multi cultural events


20160525_20295620160525_194715ALL LEVELS WELCOME –            – please contact me for more details

Ciao, Hola, Ola’,   Join us and speak the language you admire. These Meet ups are  composed of conversation and different activities for everyone to enjoy the language learning experience.
You will discover in a fun way that learning a language is possible while making new friends ( Social activities, games…)

Native speakers and volunteers will be welcome to assist the team and to improve the communication skills of all the members. The native  or the most advanced levels speakers will be able to help the others for a more fun NEW experience.

Relax, laugh, inspire, surprise and make friends – all in a supportive community! Remember: the more you join in, the more you’ll experience.

After the workshops, feel free to stay longer to practise your favourite language with the nice people you have met. You are more than welcome to bring Spanish games…

Native speakers are also more than welcome to come along and assist the team. 

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Check out our updated calendar for more details.

Sorry this calendar needs to be updated

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