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MARIE DA SILVA (French native )
Email: marieitmm@gmail.com

Interested in online lessons with native teachers and social language events in MK ( individual / Group) ? Please contact me for more details:  marieitmm@gmail.com

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Any ideas, all suggestions are welcomed. Please get in touch with me: marieitmm@gmail.com

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MARIE DA SILVA ( French native)

Languages: Fluent English, French & Italian (written & spoken – Master’s Degree in Italian), understanding and reading of Portuguese, (as my parents are Portuguese), basic German – 5 years study at school, but not much remembered due to a lack of practise.

Communication and language skills fluent English, French and Italian.

Experiences in teaching ( in France/ UK), supervision at exams and translation experience plus customer service and administration, sales and marketing, European Account Manager.

After creating my French Meet Up Group in 2009 and having so much fun in helping people from all various cultures and nationalities practising their French, I have decided to create this LINGO MIX business with more activities related to languages.



I can help you also with the translation of documents  and I give private tuition ( French, Italian) for individual or business people – individual or conversation group – face to face or on line upon requests. Any requests considered.

Any questions feel free to contact me via email: marieitmm@gmail.com

Or leave a comment on the Members and comments/ reviews page.

You can also like my page on  Facebook

As follows here is the link of my radio program record on the 28/02/2020 made at my local radio station at Secklow at the Heritage MK program presented by David Morgan and Sheila Dias.

A little bit about the creation of LINGO MIX

2016: Creation of Lingo Mix, the International Language cafe in Milton Keynes in the UK. I enjoy bringing people together, meeting and practising languages in a social environment (International gatherings, social events, social language workshops), and learning about each others cultures and expanding our horizons.

2020: I an a French national who has lived in the UK since 2006. Using my background of teaching French and Italian, as well as a friendly team offering an ever wider range of world languages, I now offer courses for all levels in Milton Keynes and online.

So what are you waiting for? Come and meet multicultural people at our social events for local people and take the opportunity to learn your favourite language with the team at Lingo Mix.

Don’t let the lockdown stop you, contact me to see what services we can offer from the comfort of your home.



December 2020- February 2021 – Covid-19 Test Processing Operative

Incredible days at Cranfield University with a great and diverse small team of Covid-19 Test Processing Operatives to assist the incoming voluntary students with their Covid-19 swab test, getting ready to get home for Christmas and back to school. I have been supportive to the team and a Results Recorder during this process and overcome my fear of medical devices for a while, and I even decided at the end to take the test myself. I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the amazing organization and support provided to myself and our team of contractors. It took me out of my comfort zone and I am so happy I have done it. It was an incredible experience. I made even new friends.

DECEMBER 2020: Our 3rd national lockdown in UK

Happy Christmas and I wish you all a happy new year coming 2021. Hope that Covid-19 will stay in memory of this special year and we will overcome to this difficult pandemic situation very soon.

What are you most cheerful about this special year 2020? I can tell you straight away =
Of course, I have created my great team of teachers + all the lovely connections I have made this year on LinkedIn, and some became close friends where we virtually met, chat, supported during these lockdowns

https://my.getsubly.com/videos/7c65d2b1-d698-4c0e-a083-0b53e675fa7d https://www.linkedin.com/posts/lingomixinternational_lingomix-languages-languagelearning-activity-6747253722734219264-ROla

#lingomix #languages #languagelearning #leaders #leadership #motivation

Hope you are doing well and keeping safe. 
Weird but exciting times for some changes _ I reckon the environment loves this period and would love more of these quieter times _
I think everyone needs to deal with this special challenge and create new opportunities.

At the beginning I have created my  actual business late 2016 to mix people and languages = Lingo Mix, where people from all over the world could meet, socialise, explore different cultures and practice their favorite languages. 
However it all started from 2009 when I started to set up in Milton Keynes after moving out from France, my native country. I missed so much meeting French people and decided to create a Meetup for French, Francophones and Francophiles to chat and have the opportunity to practice their French. 
During these weekly Meetups, there were people from every nationality who were keen to gather and speak French. 
From these "French Meetups" I have decided late 2016 to expand these Meetups to International gatherings forming a Language Café in Milton Keynes.
I host international social events _from dinners to language workshops _ and recently during this lockdown of Covid-19 disease I set up a new venture around my business, offering online language lessons, from English to Polish, from April 2020.
So it has now 2 parts:
International Language Café ( International gatherings, social events, cultural trips, language workshops)
International Language School ( providing online language lessons covering English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Italian, German,  Mandarin, Polish)

Feel free to ask me for any language queries, from home schooling support to conversation, fun learning, Business services...

Marie, founder of Lingo Mix 
L I N G O M I X | https://lingomix.co.uk
  • 08th may 2020= WWII Victory Day  What is VE Day? VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) is the day on which Allied forces formally announced the surrender of Germany, which brought the Second World War to a close in Europe. The military surrender was first signed on May 7, but a slightly modified document with the final terms was signed on May 8 in Berlin. In France (la fête de la victoire, le jour de la libération) is a holiday to celebrate the end of World War II and the French people’s freedom. It is the anniversary of when Charles de Gaulle announced the end of World War II in France on May 8, 1945 What about in your countries? Let me know about the celebrations and how is it a special day?
  • 11th January 2019: Duolingoevents in Milton Keynes = Launch of my monthly Lingomix events in collaboration with Duolingo Events, as I am now the global ambassador for DuoLingoEvents in Milton Keynes = https://youtu.be/kH1v1opFWiE
  • 10th Feb 2018 = International Food Evening (IFE) : Thanks so much to Paul and Alex who helped me making and editing this video: the idea of this event was to invite attendees of different nationalities to bring a taste of their respective culture during this International food evening for an International food culture: http://youtu.be/vU5K61UKG1A
  • 12th January 2018: Monthly English scrabble game evening for your opportunity to practise your English too. Join the fun: https://t.co/xAW7C3XnIt
  • 16th July 2016: Festival of Languages in Milton Keynes, with a drama I had written and played in different languages. You can see my Chinese friend teacher, Crystal and her daughter: https://youtu.be/fomXk7EE810
  • 8th january 2015= JE SUIS PARIS Meet up : My intervention to a local newspaper MK Citizen who was interested in writing an article in MK news about the terrorist attack in Paris on the 8th January 2015: “My name is Marie Da Silva, I am a French Citizen living and hosting French Meetups in Milton Keynes since 2009. The meetups are aimed at French speaking residents who can relax and use their native language, and also for those who love the French language, way of life and culture. The group members were shocked to hear of the attacks in Paris on Charlie Hebdo and wanted to show their unity and support for free speech. The next day 8th January I watched the silence at mid-day in Paris (11am UK time) and prepared for the evening meetup. Inspired by the feedback from members. I bought a large blank canvas (actually a £2.50 pleated blind from Ikea!) and pens along and around twenty members of different nationalities gathered inside The Barn pub opposite X-Scape, I encouraged everyone to decorate it with messages and pictures, it was an emotional occasion with a sombre but determined atmosphere. Although France and London are the main focal points of the news coverage, I wanted to show that there is a strength of feeling in Milton Keynes too and wanted to present the work of the group MK News to give them courage for the future and as a reminder that you are Charlie too.”
Banner made for the occasion

My local radio interventions:

  • 27/02/2020: As follows here is the link of my radio program record made at my local radio station at Secklow at the Heritage MK program presented by David Morgan and Sheila Dias.
  • 22/08/2019 = As follows here is the link of my radio program record made at a local radio station at BBC Three Counties at the BBC Sounds program presented by Katrina Ridley and Chris Milligan . Thanks Katrina and Chris for welcoming me at the BBB Three Counties Radio and making me feel at ease speaking about my Lingomix International Language Café MK.

Just a few random photos from my social events of my International Language Cafe Milton Keynes Lingo Mix

International gatherings Lingo Mix / Social language events in Milton Keynes: ::https://www.meetup.com/INTERNATIONAL-GROUP-LINGO-MIX-MIXING-PEOPLE-AND-LANGUAGES/

International gathering, 2017
Lingo Mix International group, 2017
10th february 2018, International Food Evening
Monthly English Scrabble evening, 2018
International gathering, 2019
Monthly Duolingo events, 2019
Monthly Duolingo events, 2019
International gathering, 2018
European day of languages, 2019
International gathering, 2016
Duolingo event, 2019
Celebration of the European Day of Languages – 28th Sept 2018
Such a lovely #international #summer #picnic #Meetup #miltonkeynes #language #Café #lingomix #MK #multicultural #social #fun #friends #Spanish #French #Bosnian #Greek #Roumanian #Portuguese #German… https://t.co/y6pEGcnwt2
10th february 2018, International Food Evening
28thApril 2017, International Meet up
International dinner, 2017
International dinner, 2017
Social language Workshops, 2017
Lingo Mix weekend gathering, 2016
8th january 2015= JE SUIS PARIS Meet up
International gathering, August 2019
European Day of Languages, 2018
International gathering, 2017

Mont Saint Michel during the lockdown April 2020


Oct 2019 _ International trip to Sicily, in Catania:

We left sunny summery Sicily 27 degrees  for now rainy 15 degrees UK : such a choc
Only 5 summery days spent in an island I need to explore more in the future with a car….
It was an interesting choc cultural as well visiting Catania:  it is a chaos organized, just cross the road when you want or you never go…, people just park wherever they want, bumped into each other, but it is a chaos well organized.. Interesting though…
And even if I didn’t like much Catania as a bit too dirty for me, there are some interesting buildings and diverse architecture.. But the FOOD IS AMAZINGLY GOOD…: specialties like pasta…, granite, almonds, pistachio, oranges, lemons… 
A completely different town to visit in 1 hour from Catania is Taormina : pretty town a bit too  pretentious for me, but so nice to spend a day there… JUST GO AND VISIT IT…. One day is enough though as very small

Sept 2019 : International trip to France, Lyon
Sept 2019 in Lyon
Cambridge, UK, August 2019, with another French and a Chilean
Internatonal friends Chamonix 2017
International friends in london 2017

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