A little bit about the creation of LINGO MIX

2016: Creation of Lingo Mix, the International Language cafe in Milton Keynes in the UK. I enjoy bringing people together, meeting and practising languages in a social environment (International gatherings, social events, social language workshops), and learning about each others cultures and expanding our horizons.

2020: I am a French national who has lived in the UK since 2006. Using my background of teaching French and Italian, as well as a friendly team offering an ever wider range of world languages, I now offer courses for all levels in Milton Keynes and online.

So what are you waiting for? Come and meet multicultural people at our social events for local people and take the opportunity to learn your favourite language with the team at Lingo Mix.

Don’t let the lockdown stop you, contact me to see what services we can offer from the comfort of your home.

And learn /practise your favorite languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, German, Chinese Mandarin, Polish

Any language queries feel free to ask me : marieitmm@yahoo.fr

And visit our website and our team: https://lingomix.co.uk/?page_id=44564


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