Countryside or big city?


I would love to have your opinion: do you prefer living in the countryside or in a city?

As coming from a French little town in the central Burgundy surrounded by fields of cows.. I always wanted to go away and see the big cities.. When I moved to university in Dijon I have started to discover cities and I quite enjoyed it as new experiences… After I moved to South of France in Provence where I rediscovered the countryside with fields of sunflowers, olive trees and lavenders and big towns like Avignon and Marseille. My sis now lives in Lyon a big town too, so I know the best of both worlds.
I think it is up to individuals and you are right they have both advantages and inconvenients.
Personally I prefer to live in the countryside very close to a town, not a huge city.. Not a fan of capitals to live in.
I am quite happy to live in this town of Milton Keynes surrounded by lovely parks, lakes, rivers, canals, we have a big shopping centre, we got there, entertainments.. Everything you want from a town, and at the same time you are like living  in the countryside, and close to London too, 40 min by train..

During this lockdown of Covid-19, I appreciated so much living opposite a big parc and a canal

You can learn, practise your languages everywhere though.

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  1. I think I prefer the countryside now and aim to move into a more rural area when possible,maybe Scotland. I lived in London for over 20 years and loved it as well.

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