Our packages

ALL OF OUR PACKAGES are meant to satisfy every need, for all levels, for children, adults, companies… FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US FOR ANY REQUIREMENTS AND OUR COMPETITIVE PRICES: WE WILL COME BACK TO YOU: marieitmm@gmail.com

Holiday preparation: Topics related to your holidays / needs: class of 5 sessions

Conversation : different topics according to your needs = based on chats, videos, texts, songs…: class of 10 sessions

Grammar/ Exercises/ Homework support: all levels for students or adults: class of 5 sessions 

PREPARATION/ SUPPORT TO LANGUAGE TESTS, EXAMS: available for different languages: class of 20 sessions

Comprension, grammar, writing, listening, speaking : balance of different subjects = class of 20 sessions

Culture package : lessons to explore the culture of the countries related to your favourite language : class of 5 sessions

Flexi package: Learner can choose what they want to do: class of 5 sessions

CHILDREN CLUB: Children can have fun learning the language with a dedicated teacher specialising in teaching children: class of 5 sessions

GROUP CLASSES (maximum 10 people) : 2 sessions a week_ 1.5h / session- Block of 10 sessions to be paid in advance = Conversational, Interactive, Fun _ for Beginners/ Intermediate/ Advanced levels = LINGO MIX INTERNATIONAL CONNEXION

BUSINESS Package: Package designed for companies: contact us for every requirement: marieitmm@gmail.com

TRANSLATION SERVICES OFFERED : Contact us with your proposition ( private, companies…) and we will come back to you: marieitmm@gmail.com

Each class lasts 45 min / 1 hour / 1 hour 30 min depending on language and package

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