An adorable comment from my friend and student David Morgan regarding his passion for the French language : « As many of you know, some of the first generation of leaders of the Communist Party of China studied in France, such as Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, Cai Hesen, Chen Yi and Nie Rongzhen. Because of this, I developed a keen interest in French culture and particularly French history, philosophy, literature and art when I was a young man. By reading modern French history, especially writings on the French Revolution, I have gained a better perspective of the laws governing the political and social evolution of the human society. By reading Montesquieu, Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, Saint-Simon, Fourier and Sartre, I have deepened my understanding of how progress of the mind propels progress in society. By reading Montaigne, La Fontaine, Molière, Stendhal, Balzac, Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, George Sand, Flaubert, Alexandre Dumas, fils, Maupassant and Romain Rolland, I have better appreciated life with all its joys and sorrows. I still recall vividly literary characters such as Jean Valjean, Quasimodo and Boule de Suif. By watching the works of Millet, Manet, Degas, Cézanne, Monet and Rodin and the paintings of Zao Wou-ki which integrate elements of both East and West, I have refined my artistic taste. And by reading science fictions written by Jules Verne, I have discovered a new world where imagination knows no boundary. French opera, ballet, architecture, sports, food, fashion and film all hold great appeal to people in China. Learning about the French culture has also helped me better appreciate both the Chinese culture and the profound nature and rich diversity of human civilizations. » – Xi Jinping. Can you imagine Donald Trump saying this???”

Un aperçu des chansons françaises les plus Shazamė April 2020

THE FRENCH GREETING = LA BISE À LA FRANCAISE “La bise” is an integral part of French greeting culture which often leaves foreigners feeling baffled =

Le Petit Nicolas (Little Nicholas) is a series of French children’s books. It was created by René Goscinny _who created Asterix and Lucky Lucke_  and illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé and published in 1959. The books tells about an ideal version of your childhood in France,  in the1950s. This book is a collection of short stories involving a mischievous little kid living in France, Nicolas and his friends. The stories are funny, short and captivating , and the illustrations are simple, but great also. The characters are so funny and charming at the same time, with their own specific particularity, the stories revolving mainly around Nicholas and his friends at school. Each story is about 5-7 pages long. It will make you laugh and think about being a kid again.
Very useful to learn French and it is just just great fun I recommend this book for intermediate French readers because if you have a general understanding of French you will realize you know more than you think from books like these. Read the book, and have fun.

My record of the 17th April 2020

One of my favorite French comedies ( 2008) for a little overview with the differences , some myths of the North and South of France : Bienvenus chez les ch’tis = Dany Boon wrote, directed and costars in this rousing rural comedy about a man born and raised on France’s Southern coast who is exiled to the Northern territories. Philippe (Kad Merad) helps run a small-town post office in France. His wife Julie has been down in the dumps, so he hatches a plan to move to the Cote d’Azur. But Philippe fails to secure a transfer and is relocated to Bergues, a village in Northern France where the language is unfamiliar and the culture is strangely foreign:

Quoi que tu fasses dans la vie, les gens te critiqueront, alors fais ce que tu veux. PROFITE DE LA VIE

Another favorite film of mine where you can see the lovely landscape of the Provence area of France and its accent, story by Marcel Pagnol (1999) = Jean de Florette: In this French drama, the enterprising Ugolin Soubeyran (Daniel Auteuil) returns to his native countryside after the serving in the military. Intent on growing expensive flowers, he conspires with his uncle, Cesar (Yves Montand), to gain access to a hidden spring on a neighboring property. When their initial attempt to buy the land fails, they must contend with Jean de Florette (Gérard Depardieu), who arrives with his family to work the coveted plot and turn it into a profitable farm.

And if you loved this film, feel free to watch the second part, Manon des sources : Manon (Emmanuelle Béart), a beautiful shepherdess in Provence, France, has lost her father and seen her family’s livelihood ruined through the greediness of her neighbors: Ugolin (Daniel Auteuil) and his grandfather, Cesar (Yves Montand). Now grown and living in isolation from the village, she plots revenge against the men for their misdeeds. Her plot is complicated by Ugolin, who has fallen in love with her — but Manon’s retribution will not be deterred.

A classic French comedy that I absolutely adore, with a great actor who left us Louis de Funės = the series of the gendarmes _… one of my favorite where they go to New York and an english lesson = Le gendarme à New York =

Podcast to practise your listening level Beginner = Je Parle Baguette

By CharlesLearn French by listening everyday to 10 min of French on your way to work, during your commute, while training or travelling. Nothing works best than a full immersion into a language … get lost in listening , get used to the words all the while learning about french culture, news and everyday conversations. Do not worry if you feel left behind, slowly but surely your brain will get used to french sounds and words, just as a child learns to speak … he first hears, then starts listening … Good for beginners/ intermediate and above wanting to learn, practise or revive their French

01 er Mai en France: fête du travail et du muguet Si le premier mai est un jour férié en France, c’est officiellement en l’honneur du travail et des travailleurs. Cependant le 1er mai est également la fête du muguet. 1er mai, fête du travail et du muguet

3 days off in France in May: 1st May : Fête du Travail.8th May : Victoire des Alliés en 1945.21st May : Ascension.
A little typical French culture during these Bank holidays: French people “font le pont” =”make the Bridge” , =  take a 4 day weekend
In France, this holiday bridge is far more common – so much so that there’s an expression for it. Basically any time a public holiday falls on Tuesday or Thursday, students and many workers font le pont, which means that there are several four-day weekends throughout the year

Bonjour tout le monde. Bisous

 Here is a lovely website wwith lots of language resources for people trying to learn languages : Joy of languages: in this article Katie the author talks about 37 fantastique French TV shows to learn French on Netflix, Prime and Youtube , I would say useful for those learning French intermediate/ advanced levels : Worth having a look at this, many thanks Katie.

L o c a l L a n g u a g e C a f é