Always wanted to learn a language and never had the chance?

Do you want to practice, improve , or even support for your homework in classes? Have a chat with us….. Any queries are welcome: marieitmm@gmail.com
Interested in lessons of English as a Foreign Language with a native English speaker? We’ve got you covered….

Want to learn, improve, practice English/ French/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ German/ Chinese Mandarin/ Greek with native, fluent speakers?

We offer also preparation courses to the different language exams, tests: DELF, Cambrige English test, IELTS, DELE, DSH, TELC, GOETHE, CELPE-BRAS, HSK, GCSE, A LEVEL……

Our team will bring you all their expertise in their language teaching and culture of their native country and will commit to your needs.

Please contact us for any query: marieitmm@gmail.com

At my language school Lingo Mix , we can offer online lessons for beginners, GCSE, A levels, business lessons, conversation, advanced learners, holiday specific classes or just for fun, for children and for businesses too! TRANSLATION SERVICES CAN BE OFFERED ALSO.

Fed up of home schooling? Book an hour with us. We will provide you also with a FREE language assessment level test, from beginning to advanced level.

They are all different processes, with different learning methods, different purposes. There is no set or standard rule regarding which language learning methods are better, language classes or private language lessons. For some students, a private lesson may be better, and for other students a group setting may work. It also depends on what is being taught, what the students are expected to do, and if the student actually wants to learn: https://www.rypeapp.com/blog/language-classes-or-language-lessons/


Private tuition is more for people motivated to learn, improve their language with a more customized language learning method. The teacher can adapt the courses for each student. In language classes you have a method for everyone , and you need to stick with it. Some people need / prefer personalization of their courses, as they have their preferred learning method ( visual, hearing, music, conversation…)They need a customized learning approach to improve the language faster, better.

It is good sometimes to try both: a few clients who took language classes first can decide afterwards to switch to a private tuition for different reasons.

Whatever the option you choose, learning a language can be a FUN experience and be very useful ( travel, job…) So let’s learn languages .

Feel free to visit my page and my team of language teachers for a fun and friendly language learning experience – and for any language queries, ask me: marieitmm@gmail.com

Marie, Founder of Lingo Mix – Mix People and Languages

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