Our lockdown experience

What will be our experience of our world this year? Will we be content to stay in our borough or just go out to exercise once a day? What can we do to widen our horizons again? To interact with other cultures and places from around the globe. Perhaps we need to spend time seeing travel TV programmes.. then writing down what we value most of our own culture, at its deepest level and what appeals most to us from the other culture. Let us all learn to be travel writers in this time of lockdown ! 

Feel free to tell me about your lockdown experiences? New activities, challenges ( homeschooling…)? Everyone has to face this pandemic situation the best we can.

For any language queries, the team at Lingo Mix is here to support you: marieitmm@gmail.com

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Film experiences from world cinema!

Why not google “watch night” and see the ways tech allow us? Even in lockdown, we can still “go to the movies!” Sharing foreign film watching together with others online, is a way to keep cinema alive. You can be amazed, share in-jokes and maybe even shed a tear after watching movies together.

Did you know that most countries have a film industry and you are sure to find some real gems? Like the French diner de cons or untouchables. So don’t miss these chances to share the movie experience with friends old or new.

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