The importance of the languages

Greek taverna in Rhodes

The importance of the languages:

Wouah my 1st day in Rhodes:
I can’t speak Greek, but English, French and Italian.

I was at a local supermarket near my hotel, and an Italian tourist wasting to have a conversation with the Greek shop assistant and his luggage and the broken wheel.
I saw his disappointment when she didn’t understand as he couldn’t speak English.

I had to intervene 🤗
He could speak Italian and French, but no English neither Greek.
So I talked to the tourist in Italian and translated to the shop assistant, and at the end he was so happy as he wanted a luggage shop as his luggage’s wheel broke after the flight and was looking for another model

It was cool to practice my Italian and be useful

I can help you in practicing your favourite languages.
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New Spanish group class in person will open in MK in September

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